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Fancy a dose of legal dopamine? If you're procrastinating, or feeling stuck, allow yourself a few minutes to do something different - anything! Activating the novelty centre of the brain releases dopamine and increases our ability to both relax and learn. Here are some of our favourite inspiring procrastination-busters.

2-Minute slideshow

Help! I’m feeling stressed iphone.mp4

New Perspectives

Documentary on child mediatiators by TrueVision TV. Beating the Bullies

100 Days without Fear

100 Days Without Fear - get inspired by Michelle Poler's story! TEDx Houston

Captain David Marquet's high energy talk on Greatness. Produced by

Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis. Tony Robbins, Phenomenal! Watch

Alive Inside: The power of music in re-awakening those with dementia by Dan Cohen. Watch

Never Give Up: Nick Vujicic's inspiring and moving story. Watch

Brand New Ancients by Kate Tempest. Our God is within us. Watch

Audio visual postcards from The Spoken Image, BBC Radio 4

The Spoken Image: Willy Ronis - a 90-second audio visual postcard. Produced by Olivia Landsberg for BBC Radio 4

The Spoken Image presented by Eamonn McCabe. Produced by Olivia Landsberg for BBC Radio 4. Listen

The Paper Round: Celebrities retrace their paper round route. Produced by Olivia Landsberg for BBC Radio 4. Listen

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