Workshops and Training Events

"Brilliant! "A brilliant webinar - we covered so much" - CABA participants on Do More in a Day webinar, 2021

"Life changing" - ICAEW member, participant on Do More in a Day, 2018

"Olivia has both a very warm, clear and empathetic and engaging manner whilst being very thorough and intellectually challenging. Feedback from delegates from events she has been involved with are consistently scoring Olivia very highly on both content and presentation style and we all learn lots from her workshops and presentations. Olivia is a real pleasure to work with as is also great fun and always seems to see the bigger picture. Thank you."  - Rhonda Martin, Programme Director, Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales, 2009

"Possibly the best course I've ever attended. Great tutor - incredibly engaging and responsive. Obviously an expert" - CABA participant, 2014

"Excellent presenter - course delivered in a very informative yet relaxed way - perfect for the subject" - CABA participant, 2015

"9 out of 5", "first time I had engaged in a relevant training course in years", "great course - expert delivery" - Participants of advanced coaching skills course, FTSE 100

"Olivia' presentation "From Shy to Hi" at the recent ICAEW conference, on confidence building, was very effective and really hit a chord with me on how low my confidence had become , and the interactive mind set exercises were very illuminating and helpful. All handled with enthusiasm yet sensitivity and with a desire to interact and really connect to her audience. I would definitely recommend one of her group or individual sessions. Thank you" - ICAEW Member

"Olivia is the most modest and awesome person you will be lucky to meet. When a person has the ability to develop excellence in disparate areas themselves, it demonstrates that they walk the talk. Olivia: stand  up comedian, photographer, radio producer, coach: enough said? Beat a path to her door before it's too late." - James Bryant, Director Big Glass

"6 out of 5" - R & D Manager, telecoms company

"Thoroughly enlightening. Innovative, practical and helped me see things differently" - Delegate at ICF talk, 2004

"Powerful. I enjoyed the seminar and have something I can use tomorrow" "Thought-provoking, very interesting games, good group instruction" "Wonderfully engaging" "Outstanding. Clearly presented"  - Delegates at the ANLP Spring Conference, 2002

Leadership Coaching

"At a very challenging period of my career and life, Olivia restored some of the confidence I needed in myself, persuaded me to structure my job search and life generally more constructively and substantially improved my presentation, both written and at meetings and interviews.  This was crucial not only in enabling me to obtain my new finance role, but also as a basis for the planning of my future" - Gerard Kelly, FCA

"I have found her to be rigorous, compassionate and professional. She's helped me resolve a number of issues by enabling me to think outside the box and supporting me in taking action outside my comfort zone. I also regard Olivia as having a high level of integrity in her business and in her dealings with people" - 

Tom Spoors, Flight Lieutenant (Rtd.), NDS UK Ltd

"Thank you. I used to think of performance management as an administrative chore. Since your coaching, I actually find it FUN " - International Marketing Manager, FTSE 100

"I will definitely be implementing the coaching tools you introduced me to" - Senior Manager, FTSE 100

Personal Coaching

"Olivia is able to unlock the doors that prevent people from moving forwards in their lives. She is a visionary with a unique perspective and intuitive understanding of people and their circumstances, energising and inspiring them to realise their dreams, no matter what obstacles are in the way...." - Andrea Black, Singer/Songwriter

 "It's been challenging, fun, gruelling and great. There's no doubt that Olivia is a truly gifted coach who makes each session a safe place to explore the world and move forward" - M McC., Dublin

"Olivia's coaching supported me in creating a fundamental shift in many areas of my life. I completely changed my relationship to my health and life will never be the same again. I was able to achieve more at work, and at home, as I was able to create a new attitude towards completion. I now enjoy the feeling of having things ‘done’ and actively seek it out. My finances have never been in such order, and my physical spaces (home and office) are clear, light and a pleasure to be in. I highly recommend her as an effective coach" - Barbara Ex, Director, The Sinclair Group, Shanghai

"I had put off de-cluttering my home for years. In just a few days, Olivia and I sorted it. It's given me a freedom beyond what I could have predicted" - R.M., Stockbroker

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