Executive Coaching

Coaching isn’t just confined to multi-nationals like B.T., Guinness, Ernst & Young, Kodak, Unilever, Boeing and Ford. According to the CIPD's 2009 survey, "Taking the temperature of coaching", the use of coaching is reported in over 90% of the organisations surveyed.  In August 2020, I received this feedback from an organisation for whom I provide coaching. "We received overwhelmingly positive responses from clients. Additionally, 100% of the respondents answered "Strongly agree" or "Agree" to the following statements: 

1.      I feel/felt understood by my coach

2.      I believe this coaching will have long-term benefits (lasting beyond the sessions)

3.      The coaching service is/was valuable to me"

After all, top athletes have a coach, so why not top performers in business? Indeed it’s often the most determined and successful who take up coaching.

So what is it? 

Executive coaching aims to eliminate the blocks to excellence and offers powerful tools to increase performance and satisfaction. It's a process of inquiry and personal discovery which helps you clarify your desires and values and supports you in taking action consistent with them.  It focuses on personal leadership, integrity and clear communication. To get a sense of coaching, why not invest 15 minutes in a phone call and get a real-time experience of it - it's free! 

Sessions take place confidentially on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face or by telephone, with email back up. On average, clients use coaching for between 3 and 12 months. 

Who pays for it?

There are three options. Either you can invest in coaching yourself (aka personal coaching) which means your agenda can be separate from an organisation's strategic goals and priorities. Or you can seek a sponsor - for example, you could request coaching as part of a personal development plan through your business partner or HR contact. Or, if you are the business owner, you can use the business to fund it, making it a tax deductible cost.

Who has coaching anyway?

Executive coaching is particularly relevant for those who are:

            - high potential and at risk of leaving the organisation

            - responsible for change

            - looking to embed a new culture

            - wanting an independent sounding board

            - looking for increased motivation and productivity of self or team

            - facing challenges

            - lacking confidence

What results can I expect?

Results are different for each individual. The most commonly reported benefits are:

            - clarity regarding strategy

            - relating effectively to others

            - presenting/influencing with impact

            - increased productivity/exceeding KPIs and targets

            - clarity of purpose and priorities

            - handling change powerfully

            - self-esteem and inner confidence

            - clarity of decision-making

            - getting things done

            - energy levels

If you or your managers had a bit of that, what could the knock-on effects be? On staff? On family? On friends? On turnover and bottom line profits? On share price?

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