2-Minute Inspiration

Fancy a dose of legal dopamine? If you're procrastinating, or feeling stuck, allow yourself a 2-minute distraction by doing something different - anything! Activating the novelty centre of the brain releases dopamine and increases our ability to both relax and learn. Here are some of our favourite procrastination-busters.

2-Minute slideshows

Different Perspectives - just click an image

Willy Ronis: 90-second audio visual postcard from The Spoken Image, BBC Radio 4
Audio visual postcards from The Spoken Image, BBC Radio 4

Eamonn McCabe: The Spoken Image - 30 minute feature, BBC Radio 4

The Paper Round: Public figures retrace the route of their paper round with Bob Kingdom. BBC Radio 4
Ground-breaking documentary on child mediatiators by TrueVision TV. Beating the Bullies
100 Days Without Fear - get inspired by Michelle Poler's story!
100 Days without Fear
 Captain David Marquet's high energy talk on Greatness. Produced by Inno-Versity.com.


Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis. Tony Robbins, 11 Sept 2001


Alive Inside: The power of music in re-awakening those with dementia by Dan Cohen 


Never Give Up: Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic's inspiring and moving story. 


Actor Peter Vaughan's last 
interview with Olivia Landsberg plus audiobook of his memoirs
Kate Tempest performs Brand New Ancients at Battersea Arts Centre, Nov. 2013. Life affirming stuff!

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